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Training, information and awareness raising


The Cape Verde government initiated in collaboration with its international partners an unprecedented campaign of afforestation. Its main goal consists of fighting desertification and the drought impacts.
Among the specific objectives are reduction of soil erosion, firewood production improvement for rural families, better land production and land user vulnerability mitigation.
To achieve this objective, the Cape Verde government was in need of labour provided by the population, which was easily accepted. With the financial and technical support of the government, municipalities, international projects of rural development (FAO, GTZ, etc.), NGOs (Platforms of Local and National Associations,), the technical assistance of the Rural Development Ministry (MDR) and the help of the local population, nowadays, more than 20% of the surface area of the archipelago is planted with trees. Several steps have been reached:
- the population has been prepared (information, awareness raising and training)
- reconnaissance, topographical surveys and treatments of watershed were carried out where plantations were established
- It was also necessary to import seeds from many countries, to create nurseries, to treat seeds and to train Cape Verde technicians.
The role of the population was to participate in field work, to work in collaboration with the technicians, to operate the nursery and finally to transport the seedlings to the field and plant them.

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