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Management strategies to optimise production of and access to Self Recruiting Species (SRS)


Aquatic animals that can be harvested sustainably from a farmer managed system without regular stocking are referred to as self recruiting species (SRS). A range of indigenous and introduced fish species; as well as molluscs, crustacea and amphibians are inevitably present in many rural aquaculture systems, even where attempts have been made to eradicate them. SRS resource systems operate at the interface of capture fisheries and aquaculture, involving active management and private ownership of animals during all or part of their life cycle, but remaining closely linked to the wider, natural aquatic ecosystem. Active management of wild aquatic animals on farms serves not only to increase their availability for harvest, but to conserve the natural aquatic biodiversity of rice based farming landscapes.The technology characterizes the role of self-recruiting species in different aquaculture systems, and offers management approaches that enhance the production of and access to such resources by the poor.

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