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Introduction of corralones, (semi-roofed shelters) and veterinary pharmacies in order to protect livestock (Llama camelids) and reduce mortality due to extreme events in the Bolivian Altiplano (High Andean Plateau).


In the highlands of Bolivia, recurrent cold waves and related extreme events severely increase the mortality rate of camelids, which represent a main source of livelihood for the local population.
This technology describes the introduction “Corralones” or semi-roofed shelters aimed at protecting livestock from extreme weather and climate events, in the Bolivian eco-region of the Altiplano (High Andean Plateau) as a means to enhance the resilience of livestock (Llama camelids) in the face of snow, frost and hailstorms, in addition to the introduction of veterinary pharmacies, in order to provide livestock with the necessary treatments to cope with prolonged frost and snow periods.
In farms affected by frost and snow, this good practice contributed to reduce livestock mortality, bringing 18% higher net benefits compared to the local practice, as well as increasing livestock production in the face of extreme events.

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