Direct seeding equipment for tractors (conservation agriculture)


This technology explains and illustrates with a range of Pictures which equipment is needed to use tractors with, and how to use it for direct seeding. In particular, it discusses the row cleaner, cutting discs and the furrow opener. The row cleaner is used to remove excess mulch from the plant row. The cutting disc is necessary to make a clean cut through residue cover and avoid residue collection around the planter elements or the pressing of residues into the seed row. Various tools for opening the furrow for seeding, differing in shape and type, are presented in detail: a chisel tine or hoe, single discs at an angle to the furrow, double discs as well as the inverted T and cross slot. This technology is part of a series on conservation agriculture.


We are very eager to increase on crop production for food security when we are availed with modern equipments of agriculture like tractors. This will enable us to increase on food production since vwe shall be tilling wider acreages of land.
Godfrey Mutagubya
From Mukono.

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