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Aquaponics in Indonesia: Bumina and Yumina systems as an integrated farming technique combining vegetables, fruits and fish


Fish farming is an important commercial as well as subsistence activity for many households in Indonesia. Many families have small fish ponds or concrete fish tanks for raising tilapia, catfish, gourami, snakehead and eels which are used for the family’s own consumption and sales to markets. Bumina and Yumina, a form of aquaponics, uses the water from these fish tanks to irrigate and fertilize vegetables in a recirculating system. Water is pumped from the fish tank into planters (without soil) and the water returns to the fish. The farmer is able to add a secondary crop (vegetables/fruits) and also the fish have cleaner water so they can grow faster and denser. This is a sustainable technology highly recommended for areas with restricted water provision and land availability. Aquaponics is an efficient use of limited resources.

Aquaponics is conducted around the world, but the specific practice of Bumina and Yumina was developed by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in Indonesia. The information of both technologies was taken from the book: “Yumina and Bumina: Innovation for Household Food Security”.



Exelente prototipo nos esta ayudando mucho con nuestro proyecto espero subir fotos muy pronto es una muy buena pagina saludas desde México 

<p>How can we call the intergration of vegetables and fishery that involve soil for planting vegetables? Where the water is only pumped from the pond to irrigate the crop?</p>

Message posted on behalf of Austin Stankus, FAO Aquaponics Expert

Dear Sunday, A general term would be “aquaculture-fertilized irrigation”. The Bumina/Yumina practice, as well as all Aquaponic techniques, are defined as such because the water is recirculating. Aquaculture-fertilized irrigation is a common, and successful, practice used all over the world. It is important to assess the needs and requirements of the farmer to determine which technique is better suited.

Please feel free to ask more questions.

Best wishes, Austin

José Sánchez-Narvaez's picture

El término correcto en castellano es acuiponía y acuicultura, etc., Porque La Raíz en castellano es ACUI y sin acua. El Sistema es muy interesante y deberia difundirse en los Países con Problemas de Seguridad Alimentaria y de clima desértico. Hice Una traducida al Que espero se difunda en la FAO-TECA.

José Sánchez Narváez M. Sc. Lima, Perú.

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