Become a partner

You can become a partner and benefit from TECA in the following ways:

  • By publishing your agricultural technologies and practices in TECA. You can publish applied technologies that your organization or institution considers interesting and relevant for small producers. This information will be part of the TECA database and be visible to practitioners all around the world.
  • By establishing and managing new online forums – or Exchange Groups. Partner organizations have the possibility to create and manage new Exchange Groups whenever there is a demand from stakeholders to discuss specific topics. This may help partners to reach specific goals (e.g.: to improve and share a certain practice in agriculture) and to strengthen or establish new partnerships with stakeholders.
  • By implementing your own TECA as a tool. TECA can be implemented as a tool in your project, community, organization, network etc. Basically we offer you a website template with features that allow you to better preserve and share information (a database) and to interact with stakeholders (online forums). For this option, interested partners can request  the code and structure of the TECA platform, developed with Drupal, an open source content management system, and implement it in their own URL domain and server. What you need to provide are resources for an IT expert to implement and maintain your decentralized version, and for a facilitator of the online forum. This option is particularly recommended for partners working in other languages than the current TECA languages.


Support and guidelines to partners

In any of the above options partners benefit from support and maintenance offered by a team of professionals based in FAO’s headquarters.

Guidelines to manage Exchange Groups and to install TECA as a tool will be soon available in this page in English, French and Spanish.

Please use the contact form and let us know how we can best support you with TECA.