Technologies consist of practices or techniques, tools, equipments, know-how and skills, or combinations of the aforementioned elements. To be included in TECA, technologies have to be:

  • Applied by small agricultural producers. They have been successfully tested or used by small producers under actual field conditions

  • A public good. These technologies are expected to benefit society in general and its application shall incur no copyright fees


TECA provides technologies and practices in:


With TECA, users have easy access to a vast knowledge database to improve their production systems, product marketing and farm management. They can also benefit from online communities of experts (Exchange Groups) where they can share experiences and find solutions for small-scale systems.


Sources of information

TECA partners inside and outside FAO are responsible for providing the information on agricultural technologies and practices. These partners usually consist of national, regional and international research organizations, advisory services, universities, NGOs, development agencies, farmers’ association and FAO technical divisions.