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From the 30th June to the 7th August 2015, the attention of the Beekeeping Exchange Group of TECA will be focused on the discussion about “Veterinary medicines in beekeeping around the world”. In order to support this discussion, please find below some helpful documents:


ANNOUNCEMENT POST: this document gives you an overview of the steps of this discussion and can help you to promote it through your own network

PROMOTION EMAIL: this is a example of email that you can send to your own network to promote the discussion

DISCUSSION "Veterinary medicines around the world"

Access and participate in the discussion by clicking HERE.


A survey is a “Questions-Answers” tool that will help us to learn from beekeepers, know their opinions and experiences about honey bee diseases and evaluate the situation of the different beekeepers from all around the world.

SURVEYS ONLINE: this survey allows participants to directly (on the internet) answer to some questions related to veterinary medicines and diseases in beekeeping. This survey is anonymous (you don't have to give your name) and will help us to increase the knowledge about honey bee diseases and their treatment around the world. Please, answer sincerely to the questions.

PRINTABLE SURVEYS: If you do not have access to the internet and want to participate in the survey, please feel free to print a copy of the survey. You can also request a paper copy (hard copy) of the survey by sending an email to teca@fao.org and we will send you the number of copies you request to the address you have provided. 

How to send us the completed survey?  If you have a scanner, you can scan the completed survey and send it via email to teca@fao.org. If you do not have a scanner, you can send the hard copy to the FAO Office in your country if there is one (check HERE the list and address of FAO country offices) or send it directly to the TECA Team at the following address address:

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  
TECA Beekeeping Exchange group,  DDNRD,  Room C614
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, ITALY


The following practices were developed with APIMONDIA and IZSLT. They have been made to help participants of the discussion to identify and treat bee diseases and pests.

  1. Good beekeeping practices
  2. Main diseases of honey bees
  3. Nosemosis
  4. Varroa mites (Varroatosis or Varroosis)
  5. AFB (American Foulbrood)
  6. EFB (European foulbrood)
  7. Bee viruses


We warmly invite you to join and participate in the discussion and survey !

Thank you.