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Guidelines to start discussions on SALSA's key deliverables (for SALSA PARTNERS ONLY)

The SALSA partner responsible for the key deliverable shall follow these 4 steps

  1. After completion of key deliverable, prepare a synthesis to be included in the Living Document together with a short note on main implication of deliverable for SALSA project. This will be posted on TECA and feedback will be invited over a period of two weeks. 
  2. Other partners and ESP will provide comments.
  3. SALSA partners responsible for the key deliverable will prepare a short summary of comments, add a response and share this on TECA (in the discussion space for your key deliverable) and add this to the Living Document.
  4. This new version of the Living Document will be shared through SALSA website (by SALSA partner responsible for the key deliverable uploading it into SALSA repository) and through TECA (by FAO team, that will upload it in the “Resources” section).