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Grameen Foundation Farmer Call Centre

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The Farmer Call Centre is the first one of its kind in Uganda providing a one stop Centre for unique agriculture related information on a digitalised data base. This provides a service outside the normal scope by enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and adding social – economic value through provision of unique, demand driven information services.

Under this initiative, Grameen Foundation targets rural poor farmers, peri-urban farmers, commercial farmers, agribusiness organisations, development partners, Ag-research organisations, industry suppliers and international stakeholders throughout the country. The call center provides authenticated agricultural value chain information, including but not limited to   Market information, Livestock, crops, Weather, Local technologies, Service providers, sourced from a network of Agricultural experts, Agri-business Organizations, development partners, progressive farmers and customised to meet the consumer needs.

The information provided is also tailored to enable farmers make better business decisions about which crops to plant; in which agricultural assets to invest; where to find quality inputs; how to grow/rear crops/livestock for sale and home consumption; how to plan activities in-line with changing weather patterns; and how to process, bulk, and market their produce to obtain higher prices.

The call centre offers a wide range of products and services ranging from voice messaging services, USSD, IVR services targeted for Agribusiness organizations, Development partners and farmers and can be customized to meet the partners’ needs. Through the Farmer Call Centre, farmers will have open access to a team of highly skilled Agricultural experts readily available to provide solutions on a broad spectrum of Agricultural topics in their local languages (English, Luganda, Runyakitara, Lhukonzo, Swahili and Luo), that would otherwise cost them a lot of money for expertise and consultation.

Through different Partnerships with Key agriculture content providers and suppliers on the market, we provide access to unique information services like local technologies, crop and animal catalogues, market information (market prices, transporter directories, and buyer-seller directories), daily & seasonal weather updates, among others.

This Information, not only enables farmers to make better business decisions, increase yields, minimize post-harvest losses, and increases their business analysis to maximize revenues earned but also creates awareness of content partnership opportunities with the big Ag-research, content players, agriculture industry suppliers and international stakeholders.

Details on the Farmer call center can be found in the file attached.