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Free online training modules on Management of Agricultural Cooperatives

Today I would like to share with you a set of free on-line training modules on the management of agricultural cooperatives.  

Also in beekeeping, cooperatives can play a very important role in developing the sector and increasing the earning of its members. Cooperatives can for example support its members with technical support to increase yields and improve product quality, purchase equipment for its members at better prices, set up a marketing strategy for the beehive products, make available infrastructure for the use of its members (for example a honey extraction and storage centre), etc.  Well organized cooperatives can also offer financial services to its members, and social services such as health care or education. 

The website provides training modules on a wide range of topics for the management of agricultural cooperatives such as the basic economics of an agricultural cooperative, developing a budget, managing transport services, organizing storage, providing inputs to its members, etc.   Each module consists of different self-paced practical lessons downloadable as pdf-files. Some modules are also available in Spanish.

The Training modules on the management of agricultural cooperatives are offered by the Rural Finance Learning Center. The Rural Finance Learning Center is managed by FAO and aims at assisting organisations in developing countries to build their capacity to deliver improved financial services which meet the needs of rural households and businesses.    For more information about the Rural Finance Learning Center, visit the website: http://www.ruralfinance.org/rflc-home/about/en/

The link to the online training modules for the management of agricultural cooperatives is: http://www.ruralfinance.org/training/self-study-guides/agricultural-cooperative-management/en/?no_cache=1