FAO TeleFood Special Fund

FAO TeleFood Special Fund

The purpose of the TeleFood Special Fund (TSF) is to finance concrete grassroots-level projects to assist poor families in developing countries and countries in transition. Its aim is to improve their means of production, thus enabling them to produce more food and to generate cash income, thereby allowing them better access to food. These projects may be implemented on a free-standing basis or in conjunction with other existing activities.

Since its inception in 1997, the FAO TeleFood initiative has funded more than 3,100 projects in 130 countries around the world.

Local NGOs, villagers’ associations, community based organizations, etc. can submit project proposals for an amount not exceeding US$ 10,000 and for a duration of 12 months. The project documents should follow the attached template and include a brief description of the objectives, the proposed food production/income-generating activities, the work plan, the number of participants, a detailed list of inputs with cost estimates and the reporting arrangements. 

The project proposal should be sent to the FAO Representative/UNDP Resident Representative for review and finalization where necessary to ensure that it corresponds to the FAO TSF criteria and fits into the national government policy.

A national civil servant, preferably a technician from the Ministry of Agriculture, or another official from the government or a Non-governmental Organization, should be designated to be responsible for the entire cycle of each project. He/she will ensure the follow-up of the project and submit the interim and final reports to the FAO Representative/UNDP Resident Representative in the Country.

Each country is allocated a yearly budget of US$50,000 for TeleFood projects. It is therefore advisable to contact the local FAO Representative/UNDP Resident Representative Office (see: http://coin.fao.org/cms/do/en/index.html) to ensure that funds are available for the current year before preparing the project proposal.

The complete guidelines for the submission of a Telefood Project are attached.

For more information about the FAO TeleFood programme, check the TeleFood Home page: http://www.fao.org/getinvolved/telefood/telefood-projects/en/