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Draft Discussion Summary: Rain Water Harvesting and Conservation

This document provides a draft summary of a discussion held in March/April 2010 in TECA's Uganda Exchange Group on methods for water harvesting and conservation.

Many farmers do not know about or do not use methods for water conservation. Once the rain stops, farming stops as well. There are a number of techniques used forwater harvesting, like Zai holes, roof catchment, or storage pits in the ground. Three techniques are described in some detail: (1) roof water harvesting, (2) water catchments in farm ponds or depressions and (3) mulching.

If you would like to share other methods for rainwater harvesting or if you have concrete advice or experience with any of the methods mentioned above, please share them in the discussion group. Feel free to ask more questions concerning this topic. Your additional comments/ information will be incorporated in a revised version of this dicussion summary.