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Beekeeping in Somaliland to reduce the risk of economic shocks

The Reddin Beekeeping Group at Beer village, in the Burao District of Somaliland was supported to add value to their honey production by FAO. Bees mean business for the women and men in the Beer village. Beekeeping provides men and women with the opportunity to supplement their incomes, while also creating a platform for social change. Women and men can learn technical skills in beekeeping as well as business skills side by side, shifting a culture where men are considered major decision-makers. Two types of hives were promoted for the Reddin group: the Langstroth and Kenyan top-bar hives. The selection of the hive depends on the circumstances. Through improved beekeeping technologies and skills the capacities of local men and women were strengthened, leading to an annual increase from 5 to 31 kg of honey per bee hive.

This practice provides good possibilities for upscaling, and FAO is planning to introduce it in other parts of Somalia, where the culture, land terrain and vegetation for bee forage are similar, and there is an undisputed demand for bee products for domestic consumption and export.