Basic Beekeeping Manual by Pam Gregory and Gay Marris

The Basic Beekeeping Manual is produced by Pam Gregory in collaboration with Gay Marris of the UK National Bee Unit ( and is the first manual of a set of two Manuals made specifically for use by field-based beekeepers in developing countries:  The Basic Beekeeping Manual and The Advanced Beekeeping Manual

The Basic Beekeeping Manual is divided into nine short sections, covering the following topics: (i) The life of the bee, (ii) How to keep safe when beekeeping, (iii) How to make a simple bee veil, (iv) How to make a moveable comb top bar beehive, (v) How to set up a good apiary, (vi) How to manage the bees, (vii) How to harvest quality honey, (viii) How to extract quality honey and (ix) How to harvest beeswax.

The Basic Manual is available on TECA in English, French, Shona, Kinyarwandan, Swahili, and Chichewa. It will soon also be available in Hausa and Yoruba.

For the purposes of training, the Manual can be freely downloaded by organizations and communities involved in apiculture development work, or by any individual who has an interest in setting-up or improving their own beekeeping project.  The manual remains copyright© of Pam Gregory and must not be reproduced for the purposes of resale.

The manual was produced and translated with the generous sponsorship from the Waterloo Foundation (