Maize harvesting and post-harvesting handling, Uganda


The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) aims to enhance the contribution of agricultural research to sustainable agricultural productivity, economic growth, food security and poverty eradication through generation and dissemination of appropriate technologies, knowledge and information. The following technology describes the different steps for the management of maize before and after the harvesting process.


Time to harvest

Maize can store for a considerable period in unprocessed form without undergoing deterioration. Its shelf life greatly depends on the prevailing ambient temperature and relative humidity, and other factors like the inherent moisture pests and diseases. Therefore, recommended post harvest handling and managing operations involve the manipulation of the above factors in order to obtain high quality maize grains.

Quality control starts with harvesting. Harvesting is the single deliberate action to separate the cob from its grown medium. The optimum time of harvesting maize is when the stalks have dried and moisture of grain as about 20-17%.

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