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Simple methods for harvesting bee venom

Harvesting bee venom in Tanzania, it may be a new bee product although beekeepers and local people, As a beekeeping expert there are people who want to get venom for use.

Therefore take this media to ask simple methods that can be adopted to harvest and store bee venom for use and market.


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Dear Stephen Msemo,

To collect and process dried bee venom it is necessary to have special and expensive equipment.

It is not by mistake that only a few companies (in the world) can commercialize bee venom. The reasons why is because bee venom is forbidden to be used/commercialized in almost all countries in the world and also because it is a dangerous toxin that can kill easily someone with allergy (in few minutes).

Bee venom is the most powerful but also the most dangerous of the bee products.

I don't recommend you to collect bee venom in any form because if someone uses your product and happens to be allergic to bee venom and dies as the consequences of an anaphylactic shock, it will be a big problem for you and for all bee products in general because medical pharma companies will take advantage of that news to shed a bad light even on the other bee products.

Globally, 5% of people are allergic to bee venom so if one of these 5% buys a cream with bee venom and uses it... In case of bee venom sensitivity, the quantity harmful to an adult can be lethal to children.

So for all these reasons, again I don't recommend you to produce it.

Best regards,

Antonio Couto


Dear Antonio Couto

Thank you for the message about bee venom production and its market implications.

I am accespting the advise by doing further research and create awareness especially for  those who want to trade, Thank you and we will discuss further for me and beekeepers to concentrate in the priduction of other bee products and trade.


Stephen Msemo

imagem de Babatunde Oreyemi

All other drugs are dangerous. Moderations and instructions are needed. Beekeepers where I am need to know how to harvest other bee products apart from honey and wax to add up to the income.
If they won't make use of the knowledge to start harvesting the products immediately due to factors above but at least having gained the knowledge it can be put to use when the demand for the product comes.
I ll also be interested in learning the method.

Dear all,

In order to support smallholder beekeeping and provide the beekeepers with information and knowledge on how to increase their income from beekeeping, TECA has published following information cards:

- How to collect raw pollen from the hive

- How to process raw pollen into food

- How to collect raw propolis from the hive

- How to process raw propolis into propolis extracts

- How to collect raw wax from the hive  

- How to collect drone larvae from the hive

- How to process drone larvae into value added products

and for those keeping stingless bees:

- How to harvest honey, pollen and propolis from stingless bees

The moderated discussion "Know the full potential of the hive: how beekeepers can increase their income through the production of other beehive products" also provides valuable information on how to produce, collect, process and/or use propolis, pollen and beebread and bee larvae.   The discussion is now closed but if you have questions, you can still post them.

Best wishes,


Still Beekeepers especially in tropcical areas need more information on harvesting, collection and processing other bee products. So, I am advising the topic that was closed, to be reopened with some examples on storage, packing and possible distance market.

thank you


stephen msemo