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Swisscontact is the Swiss private sector organization dedicated exclusively to international cooperation for development. It promotes sustainable economic, social and environmental development in selected countries of the South and East through advisory services, training and continuing education. It supports people to successfully integrate into the local economy, creating opportunities to improve their living conditions as a result of their own efforts. The focus of its systemic interventions in the private sector lies in the strengthening of local and global value chains.

Interventions in the beekeeping sector are focused on improving competitiveness through increased productivity, improvement of quality, generation of added value and commercialization of products in micro and small productive units, under a value chain approach for the sectoral and rural development. Interventions contribute to the reduction of poverty by increasing income and generating employment for the least-favored groups in the sector.

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Pedro Pablo Vargas
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Technologies from Swisscontact (English)


How to construct a smoker for beekeeping

The smoker is an essential tool for any beekeeper. Since long time ago, smoke has been used to calm down the bees when handling beehives. This technology describes the materials, tools and procedures needed to manufacture a smoker.