International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)

The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to improve the quality of lives of the rural poor in developing countries through rural reconstruction; a sustainable, integrated, people-centered development strategy generated through practical field experiences.

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Dr. Isaac Bekalo
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+63 46 430 0016

Technologies from International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)


Water Management in Organic Agriculture

Scarcity of water for agriculture is a common phenomenon in many countries. In some regions it is almost impossible to grow crops without irrigation. Even in areas with large amounts of rainfall in the rainy season, crops may get short of water during dry periods.

Organic farming aims at optimising the use of on-farm resources and at a sustainable use of natural resources. Active water retention, water harvesting and storing of water are important practices, especially for organic farmers. Organic farmers know that it is more important to first improve the water retention and the infiltration of water into the soil.

Marketing animals and milk

This practical guide helps pastoralists understand markets for animals and milk. It explains the market chains for milk and animals and the types of markets where pastoralists can sell their products.

Producing animals and milk for market

This short practical guide describes how pastoralists can produce strong, healthy animals and good-quality milk that will fetch a good price.

Organising to market animals and milk

Pastoralists need certain skills and have to be organized to market animals or milk successfully. This practical guide tells you what types of groups you can form and which skills you need.

11 ways to improve animal marketing

This practical guide presents 11 ways that pastoralists can improve the marketing of their livestock.

Services for marketing animals and milk

This practical guide describes services that pastoralists need to market their animals, milk and hides effectively. It covers market information, financial services, transport, market facilities and processing plants.

10 ways to improve milk marketing

This practical guide presents 10 ways how pastoralists can make more money from milk.