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Honey Bee Research Section in the Ministry of Agriculture in Sultanate Oman

The Honey bee Research Section is being established under the Directorate General of Agriculture and Livestock Research in Ministry of Agriculture in Sultanate Oman. Under the Directorate operates six research centers, nine research stations and six research farms distributed to cover all agro-ecological zones of the country.

The Honey bee Research Section in its Lab carries out following work:

1- Queen rearing (Omani) and supply them to the beekeepers

2- Honey Analysis

3- Pollen Identification (local flora)

4- Disease and Pest research

5- Colony reproduction (Omani race)



Rumais, Barka about 55 km from Muscat   - 

P.O.Box 50 Seeb; P.Code 121

Contact person: 
Dr. Hassan Talib Al- Lawati (Ph.D Honey bee Sci. "Queen Emberyolgy")
Contact email: