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China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University (CAU), directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education, is a Key National University entering the State 985 Program and the State 211 Program.

CAU has developed itself as a comprehensive university with agriculture as its distinguished feature and advantage. It covers a wide range of disciplines on a complementary basis, such as agriculture and life science, resources and environment, information and computer science, agricultural engineering and automation science, economic management and social sciences, etc. Currently, CAU is composed of 13 colleges involving in nine categories of agronomy, engineering, science, economics, law, literature, medicine and philosophy. In addition, CAU also has a Graduate School and a School of Continuing Education . Speaking educational sector, CAU owns 19 Key State Disciplines, 15 Key Ministerial Disciplines and ten Post-Doctor Working Stations. A number of key labs were also established in CAU including three (3) Key State Labs, 22 Key Ministerial Labs, four (4) State Research Centers , ten Ministerial Research Centers and five (5) Innovative Research Teams.

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Prof. Li Hongwen
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Technologies from China Agricultural University


The Li Seeder

The Li Seeder is a seeder that has the ability of planting single seeds per station in one operation. It was developed by China Agricultural University the 2BS-C manual was developed by Lin Yingqing, the manager of Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County Yunfan machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. Attached is the manual of the seeder