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Beekeeping Exchange Group

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Check available technologies and practices on Beekeeping.

The objective of the Beekeeping Exchange Group is to provide a forum for beekeepers, researchers, advisory services professionals, farmers and other stakeholders to discuss different topics related to beekeeping and to share beekeeping technologies and practices.

The Group also offers participants from all over the world the opportunity to explore areas of common interest that potentially serve as the basis for establishing partnerships.

The Beekeeping Exchange Group has been created in collaboration with the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations (APIMONDIA) in response to an increasing demand for a central collection point for good beekeeping techniques and technologies. There is a large range of discussion topics, covering both technical and non-technical issues, and members are free to create new topics whenever they wish.

If you have queries about this group, please send them to TECA-Beekeeping@fao.org