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Online discussion : “The Role of ICTs in Sustainable Crop Production Intensification (SCPI) of horticulture crop based system”

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)’s Rural and Urban Crop and Mechanization Systems Team (AGPML) and the e-Agriculture Team, (OPC) are glad to announce the upcoming online ‘forum’ discussion themed, “The Role of ICTs in Sustainable Crop Production Intensification (SCPI) of horticulture crop based system”.

This forum on ICTs in Sustainable Crop Production Intensification (SCPI) of horticulture crop based systems (mainly on fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers) is part of broader discussion that aims to present the ongoing evolution in Agriculture and Horticulture as a continuous trend towards the goal to “produce more with less”. The ICTs and emerging technologies in agriculture promise to be a good arsenal in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The role of ICTs in SCPI is likely to gain more and more importance in horticulture as well.

Information on participation

For any further information please contact us at e-agriculture@fao.org <mailto:e-agriculture@fao.org>


Dear colleagues  in case you might have missed the Opening remarks  of the above mentioned e -forum on the e-Agriculture platform , kindly find it here http://www.e-agriculture.org/forumtopics/your-understanding-and-experien...
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Dear colleagues,

You can catch up with the first question through the following link: http://www.e-agriculture.org/forumtopics/your-understanding-and-experien...

From today you can follow the second question of the discussion that will run until Friday the 17th of March and we would like to invite you all to contribute.

Do you have any concrete examples of successful use of ICTs in sustainable intensification of horticulture crop based systems (mainly fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers), for both smallholder and commercial farmers in your respective localities? http://www.e-agriculture.org/forumtopics/do-you-have-any-concrete-exampl....

For easier readability of your cases/stories, may we suggest that you succinctly describe the following when sharing your case : have the ICT technologies / innovative practices you are sharing proved to work well and produced good results, can they be recommended as models? Are they successful experiences that has been tested and validated in the broad sense and deserves to be shared so that a greater number of people can adopt it? Alternatively, have these ICT technologies / innovative practices demonstrated a high degree of success in a single setting and guarantee the possibility of replication in the same setting. You may want to further include details on what has been done, where, how, who, when and the results/ impacts of the ICT technologies / practices. 

To participate you need to log on to e-Agriculture platform at http://e-agriculture.org/user if not registered register here http://e-agriculture.org/user/register

For more information on participation http://bit.ly/2lKh1hk. Best regards