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New Discussion 'Agroecology and Nutrition'

Dear Agroecology Partners,

FAO is preparing an online forum discussion on "Agroecology and Nutrition" following up with the previous discussions on “Sustainable agriculture through Agroecology” and “Agroecology and Soil Health”.
The online discussion on agroecology and nutrition will be available from 20 March until 12 April 2017. The objective of this discussion is to identify successful agroecological farming practices which contribute to nutritious food systems and address the following questions:
1)      How do agro-ecological practices contribute to improve nutritional security?
2)      What are the benefits experienced by farmers in applying these kind of practices?
3)      What are the challenges that farmers face on the field to ensure nutritional security for themselves and their communities?
4)      What role can the social components of agroecology (such as collective organizing, gender equity and empowerment of farmers) play in nutrition outcomes?
5)      Do local markets encourage sustainable diets? What impacts do food environments (including different forms of markets) have on consumer behavior and health?
6)      What standards of food safety would better protect consumers and could be adapted by agroecological farmers and food processers?
Many successful experiences have already been documented on various platforms of FAO, e.g. TECA and on Agroecology Knowledge hub. Based on these experiences and others, a three week discussion forum will be held to share knowledge and experiences on agroecology and successful agroecological practices and approaches.
You are invited to share your knowledge and experiences on agroecology and the successful agroecological farming practices and approaches.
The forum page can be accessed through the following link: http://teca.fao.org/discussion/agroecology-and-nutrition
In order to participate/comment you will have to login at the time of the discussion. 
For any further information please contact: teca@fao.org.
Looking forward to your valuable contributions.
Best Regards,
The FAO Agroecology team