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Land resources planning Toolbox and results of the online survey on 'Review of Participatory Land Use/Resource Planning Tools and Approaches'

Dear TECA members,

In January last year, we invited interested members to participate in the survey on participatory land resource planning (LRP) tools which was organized by the Land Resource Planning (LRP) Secretariat at FAO. The purpose of the  survey was to identify needs of different groups of users and practitioners in land resource planning. The Land Resource Planning (LRP) Secretariat likes to thank those of you who have provided inputs to the survey. Around 750 land management practitioners responded to the survey and identified the emerging needs and trends in existing  LRP tools. The LRP Secretariat processed and analyzed the responses and shared the results in the recent publication on Land Resources Planning for Sustainable Land Management.

The Land resources planning (LRP) Toolbox is now also available online. It is a categorized inventory of existing tools and approaches to support decision makers and land users in land management and restoration. The input received from the survey expanded the already extensive list with more tools. The publication and the LRP Toolbox were launched at the UNCCD COP13 in China (read the full article here).

So far, the LRP Secretariat has published more than 100 tools and this is still an on-going process. Therefore, we welcome your contribution and valuable support in this process. If you would like to add tools you have developed or you are aware of and are not included in the LRP Toolbox, please fill  the attached template and send it back to LRP-Secretariat@fao.org.

FichierLand Resources Planning Toolbox Template.docx

Please feel free to share the LRP Toolbox with your Networks. 

Thanks again for your support.

Best regards from the LRP Secretariat,

Feras Ziadat, Theodora Fetsi