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Discussion on ''Adaptation Practices in Agriculture''

Dear TECA Members,

FAO prepared a discussion on “Adaptation Practices in Agriculture” aiming to enhance cooperation so that countries have access to the technical knowledge and financial support they need to achieve ambitious climate and sustainable development targets as quickly and effectively as possible.


The online discussion will be available from 22 February until 31 March, 2018. The objective to identify successful farming practices contributing to climate adaptation.

You are invited to share your knowledge and experiences on climate change practices. By participating in this discussion we aim at developing a summary with: i) An inventory of successful practices, strategies or technologies used in agriculture sectors around the world, ii) Constraints for their application, iii) Suggested actions to ensure climate adaptation in your country. Additionally, you will help to collect key information for the NDC implementation.

The forum page can be accessed through the following link: http://teca.fao.org/discussion/adaptation-practices-agriculture

In order to participate/comment you will have to login or register to post comments.

For any further information please contact: teca@fao.org.

Looking forward to your valuable contributions.

Best Regards,


TECA team




To combat with the Climate change the available technologies could be deployed especially micro irrigation techniques are more useful to save water economically. Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are much valuable technologies to be used effectively to provide necessary water to the plants. Though their initial cost is comparatively high however they could able to manage the resources effectively without affecting the available crops.

Dear Gunasingham Mikunthan.
You are right, irrigation practices are important for saving water and a good option during dry periods. Do you have any experiences with this kind of practices? We invite you to share your ideas in the discussion http://teca.fao.org/discussion/adaptation-practices-agriculture