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Rooftop water collection, drip irrigation and plastic mulching in home garden conditions in drought prone areas of Cambodia

In Cambodia, drought can have different impacts: delay of rainfall onset in early wet season, erratic variations of rainfall onset, early ending of rains during wet season, and longer dry spell in July and August. This technology describes three different technologies and analyses the costs and benefits of their combined application: rooftop water harvesting, drip irrigation and plastic mulching in home garden conditions. As a result of the combined application of those good practices (GPOs), the resistance against drought is increased and a second cropping period is possible. The GPOs have been tested and validated in 19 Farms in the Kampong Speu (3) and Oddar Meanchey (16) Provinces in Cambodia.

Rainwater harvesting for schools

Women and children are usually the main household collectors and users of water. Long walking distances from households to improved water sources make it difficult for them to access safe water. As a result, they resort to using inadequate and unsafe water sources such as unprotected self-dug wells and water holes, exposing themselves to diarrhea and other infectious water borne diseases. The water tanks ensure availability of safe water within communities, thus reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases such as diarrhea.