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Small Ruminant Rearing - Product Markets, Opportunities and Constraints

This report aims to place the economic context of small ruminant rearing within broader policy and institutional frameworks, and studies the value chains of goat and sheep meat and skin, and sheep wool.

The objective of the report is to establish the macro market picture vis-à-vis small ruminant rearers through analysis and documentation of approaches and practices related to market prospects. In addition, the report identifies opportunities for facilitating access of small-holder livestock owners to more remunerative markets.

The report successfully attempts to construct the value chains of three important products of the small ruminant sector - meat, leather and wool. It also documents grass-root initiatives on small ruminant rearing and their impact on the livelihoods of rearers.

Simple methods of meat preservation: Meat dryers

The meat dryers are constructions of wood, metal and/or concrete, stationary or mobile, without or with a roof. For strips suspended by hooks or with a loop attached or fixed by clips, removable horizontal bars, either made of wood or metal or horizontal wire strings are needed. The following description is part from FAO´s publication Manual on simple methods of meat preservation.