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Agroforestry Coffee cultivation in combination with mulching, trenches and organic composting in Uganda

This technology describes a combination of good practices for soil and water conservation that were introduced to coffee farmers in the central cattle corridor of Uganda, with the aim to enhance their resilience to dry spells, pests and diseases, as part of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) project on Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda.
The combination of good practices include:
(a) mulching, a low cost practice that consists in covering the soil with locally available degradable plant materials to reduce water runoff and evapotranspiration;
(b) digging contour trenches for harvesting water during the rainy season while preserving soil quality;
(c) preparation and application of organic compost to improve soil fertility at low costs; and
(d) planting shade trees within the coffee plantation in order to provide shade and improve soil fertility.

Labour saving technologies and practices: Manual crop processing

This paper contains features of grain milling, oil extraction, rice hulling, cassava and coffee processing. © Labour saving technologies and practices. FAO 2007

Labour saving technologies and practices: Draught Animal Powered and motorised crop processing

This article includes some examples of the utilisation of animal power as an energy source for post-harvest operations. © Labour saving technologies and practices. FAO 2007