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Group Closed

This group is now closed and provided for archive purposes only. It has been replaced by the Farmer Innovation Exchange Group.

Uganda Exchange Group (Closed Group)

Due to its success, the Uganda Exchange Group has led way to the creation of the new Farmer Innovation Exchange Group that will allow the sharing of different agricultural issues and practices on a more global scale, reaching TECA members all over. Based on requests of group members, the proposal to move from the Uganda Exchange Group to a new group with a geographically wider focus to discuss among practitioners across national borders has been proposed and was agreed upon by its members on a non objection basis, and the Uganda Exchange Group has been officially closed.  All previous discussions, news, resources and events will continue to be accessible; however, no new contributions or posts will be possible.  We invite you to continue your activity on the Farmer Innovation Exchange Group.

We would like to thank all members of the Uganda Exchange Group for their continuous dedication and participation from its beginning as a pilot program until present.

The objective of the Uganda Exchange Group was to provide a forum for practitioners, researchers, advisory services providers, farmers and other stakeholders in Uganda to discuss different issues in agriculture considered relevant for this country. It was established in early 2010 to test this interactive platform with rural users and to collect their recommendations in order to make TECA more user-friendly and relevant to their needs leading to the current platform structure and functions. A short video shows testimonies of members about their experience with this Exchange Group.

The Group offered participants the opportunity to ask and answer questions, and to explore areas of common interest that potentially could have served as the basis for establishing partnerships. Discussion topics ranged from maize production technologies to cooperation between stakeholders supporting small farmers in Uganda and much more.


There are no events available.