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Farmer Innovation Exchange Group

The objective of the Farmer Innovation Exchange Group is to provide a forum for practitioners, researchers, advisory service providers, farmers and other stakeholders around the world to discuss different topics related to farmer innovation and to share different innovative practices, technologies and processes.

The Group also offers participants from all over the world the opportunity to ask and answer questions and to explore areas of common interest that potentially serve as the basis for establishing partnerships.

The Farmer Innovation Exchange Group has been created in response to a former Uganda Exchange Group. Due to its success in sharing many practices and technologies developed throughout Uganda, it was decided that a new non-region specific Group should be formed to incorporate more members. Additionally, a very successful e-mail conference addressing the participation of family farmers in agricultural innovation systems demonstrated a strong interest and enthusiasm to further discuss farmer innovation. Discussion topics, covering both technical and non-technical issues, range from maize production technologies to cooperation between stakeholders supporting small farmers and much more. Members are free to create new discussion topics whenever they wish to discuss with other members of the group.


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