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Correct the harm done by Roundup

Click here to  read the BEe Healing Guild's July, 2017, blog on how a new agricultural company is using organic yeasts to correct the harmful affects in the soil that has been created by the glyphosate in Roundup

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Lady Spirit Moon


I will say it is a very sensitive and important discussion: Roundup is a weed killer with an active ingredients of glyphosate, it has been earmarked as an ideal  herbicide with few environmental draw backs:

i think to correct the harm done, the manufacturing company should revisit the active ingredients and make it be environmental friendly;

Je dirai que c'est une discussion trés délicate et importante: Roundup est un tueur d'herbe avec des ingredients actifs du glyphosate, il a été désigné comme un herbicide idéal avec peu d'inconvénients enviromentaux;

Je pense corriger le mql, la société de fabrication doit revoir les ingrédients actifs et le rendre respectueux de l'environment:

I am a passionate beekeeper; I don't treat my bees and rarely smoke them. They communicate with me through their movements, the smell of their hives, and the sound of their wings buzzing. Years ago I had queen issues when I came across Dr. Huber's interview with Dr. Mercola regarding Roundup and the harm it creates. I called Don and a friendship based on mutual desire to heal the earth and pollinators has grown strong.

Since then I have been a very passionate researcher on how to help the bees survive while I live in a GMO farming community. I have developed a lacto formula that kills EFB within 10 minutes using lactobacilli. I also have a formula that helps fight other diseases using the bee's honey. I work with scientists and by listening to them and my girls, I now have happy, healthy honeybees that survive without much effort on my part, including feeding them.

Working through his USA congresman and the Freedom of Information Act, Dr. Anthony Samsel has obtained the only research done by Monsanto regarding their product. Click on the link for details. Dr. Samsel is an independent researcher not connected to any istitution or school. If you wish more information try.

Years ago I was told by a very reliable source that a Class Action lawsuit against Monsanto was brewing and would make the tobacco industry look like very minor. That lawsuit has begun in the USA. Google "Class Action Lawsuit Monsanto Roundup." There have been lawsuites against Monsanto for animals. The new ones are for humans.

When I heard about Frank Dean and his work with natural organics that feed on glyphosate, I got excited. Up until now, I knew nothing would kill glyphosate, not even freezing or boiling it. The idea that 6 yeasts could digest it and bring the soil back to its original balance truly elated me. Only goes to show if humans got out of the way, Mother would heal.

There are also other ways of dealing with Varroa and Hive Beetles in a natural way, but that is another story.

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I thank you for your contribution,  documents  you have transmitted are edifying and frightening at the same time, and they only reinforce what everyone already knows but it is as if we were hypnotized, we see the danger and yet We move slowly towards him, we accept what we should not, and it is people like you who combine passion and science that can do something for plants, animals, humans,  earth. .. Kheira. 

Lactobacilli and Honeybee Health

Lady Spirit Moon

I have been asked to redo an article on Lactobacilli and how and why it affects the honeybees immune system. My latest blog includes the science, if you wish to read it, and the 2 formulas (Lacto water only and making good bacteria with a small amount of honey) for a healthy beehive, especially after those around you have been spraying herbicides.

Please go to http://beehealingguild.org/waggle-dancing-blog/