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Workshops on Governance of regional food systems - Ileia region (Greece) and other SALSA Reference Regions (RRs)


 Background information:

SALSA project’s Work Package (WP) 3 consists of in-depth assessments of food systems in 30 selected RRs. Data for the assessment are collected through desk review of available documents and statistics and through carefully targeted interviews with key informants and focus groups to enhance the understanding of the regional food system and the role of small farms and small food businesses within it. As results, detailed regional food system maps and their description are produced, and validated in regional workshops on Governance of food systems involving key stakeholders including from the previous Focus Groups discussion. Validated results are used by WPs4-6 (http://www.salsa.uevora.pt/en/workpackages/). 


Workshop on Governance in ILEIA - GREECE

Please see the attachment file.


Rzeszowski region (RR 19); Poland

The workshop took place at the end of November 2017, at Boguchwała, small village near the Rzeszów capital city of podkarpackie voivodeship. It was organize in Agricultural Advisory Center for Podkarpackie at a conference hall. In the previous 2 weeks we contacted with about 80 people/organizations/institutions, often we called several time to one place to talk with appropriate person and then just before meeting to confirm presence on meeting. During meeting we had 33 participants, however until 3 days before meeting we had confirmation from 42 persons, so 9 people just did not come without informing us about it. We invited all participants from Focus Groups for Regional Workshop, but not all of them came on second meeting. There were 7 people from SALSA team in Poland on that meeting. We sent to all people an invitation by e-mail, explaining very briefly, what is the project about, what has been done so far and the aims of the workshop and the place and date of its conduct. We sent them also leaflets about SALSA and presentations which we prepared for Regional Workshop. Among 33 participants we had 18 women.

In particular the representations of the participants were as follows: the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (representatives from central and from region), National Center for Agricultural Support (representatives from central and from region), Sanitary Inspections (representatives from region), Veterinary Inspections (representatives from region), Agricultural Advisory Center, Agricultural Chamber, Food Bank, local and provincial authorities (from the departments of agriculture and rural development), farmers, processor-wholesaler-exporter, processors, regional food researcher (dietician), agricultural associations (housewives, agricultural services), supplier.

Meeting started at 10.00 and finished at 2.30 p.m. (with really short break for lunch). We started with overall presentation about SALSA project (just to introduce participant), then short presentation with explanation about main purpose of meeting.

We used carousel method and split people to cover wide range of topics during these meetings. We had 4 groups focuses on 4 main topics. People were very interesting in our topics, a lot of them bring us materials about food system in RR 19.

Participants were really very open for discussion (we had problems during meeting: some of them did not want to go to the next table, to undertake next topics because they did not finish discussion on previous topic). Participant can write their comments on posters, or make notes on sticky notes and then put them on paper. One of our colleagues was responsible for administration of the meeting, but despite it we had problems with time rigorous. Each group spent approximately 30 minutes on each topic.

We have had discussion at the end of the meeting, which summarize our workshop and give opportunity to present other problems, issues. The same like our colleagues from Greece during last minutes of meeting we feel that we had to speed up to cover all topics during discussion on meeting. On the other hand, people were tired after few hours of discussions. During the meeting we have distributed surveys assessing the meeting (organization, expectations), comments on it were positive.

All our notes are on posters, workshop was audio recorded (each „table” had own device). We have contacts to all of them (mails, phone numbers), so if we overlooked any topic, we can contact with selected participants and ask them about missing information. Participants of meeting got from us gadgets with SALSA logo and general information about project.

Dear Salsa collegues

The AUA team whishes to all of you and to your families all the best for the Christmas time and the coming new year.

Katerina, Elpiniki, Jhon, Pavlos, Theodore