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Updates from CoP in Lucca RR11- The food community and agro-biodiversity of Garfagnana

On November 3th, in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (northern area of Tuscany), an open meeting was held to present the birth of the Food Community and agro-biodiversity of Garfagnana. Such initiative is the first realized in Tuscany and the second existing in Italy (after the one developed in Basilicata, southern region of Italy).

The purpose of the meeting was outlining and sharing operational proposals for the establishment of the community. The event was aimed at making all participants (farmers, producers, consumers, civilians in general) aware of the importance of enhancing agro-biodiversity, offering a concrete explanation of the theme and discussing the main related issues in terms of its potentiality, possibilities and constraints. At the end, the institutions involved in the project signed the Chart of the Community and the “Agreement of the Earth”.

As public entity involved, we took advantage of the institutional meeting in order to introduce some aspects and tasks of SALSA project. We asked participants to fill out a very short questionnaire that our group previously prepared in order to gather some information about individual consumption trend (if the interviewed was a consumer) or about production and marketing (if the interviewed was a famer or a retailer). This formula allowed to initiate a reflection on the role of SF and SFB in the agro-food system of Garfagnana territory. In the next months, SALSA will actively participate in the food community process of Garfagnana.