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Transforming the Uganda Exchange group into a “Farmer innovations exchange group”

Dear FAO/UGANDA Exchange Group members,

Taking into consideration the recent shift of discussion topics to traditional practices and farmers knowledge and increased interest in the topic by people even from outside Uganda (see FAO e-conference: http://www.fao.org/oek/research-extension-systems/ais-ff/econf/en/), the TECA team would like to get your feedback on the following proposal:

In order to encourage the participation of a wider audience and stimulate sharing experiences on local  knowledge and farmers innovations across countries and regions, we suggest to transform the “Uganda Exchange Group”  into a  “Farmer Innovations Exchange Group” that can include innovations by but also for farmers.

Please let us know, if you find this proposal beneficial to your work.


TECA Team!

Margaret and Nedaa


I strongly support the Idea. “Farmers innovation exchange group” will attract a wider audience since it does not give a geographical limitation. This will attract a wide range of ideas from all geographical regions and will make the technologies that come out of the discussions more comprehensive. Thanks for this proposal

Nedaa, this is an interesting innovation, for sure this will facilitate wider sharing of innovations from different parts of the world. Please go on with the transformation.

It a good platform that keeps our knowledge runing through, lets keep the transformation burning

Ahmed Naleba's picture

I personally think this is a wonderful idea and know that many farmers will find useful innovative ideas here.