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My name is jayson and Am starting up a pigery and have built the house for my pigs but was wondering if there are organizations in uganda that promote Pigery farming and can suport bigginers by providing piglets and advisory services.   



There are organisations that provide farmer education and can also sell you young pigs Sir.

If in Uganda please make a point to participate at the Uganda Show starting 7th July 2015.

Making Choices

Everyone in the Farmer Innovation Exchange Group is interested in making a reasonable living from their farming activities – whatever the mix of livestock that are kept or the crops that are grown. Keeping abreast of the many opportunities available comes from keeping linked to the flow of information available within your local community and, importantly, to the markets that are available or those that can be developed. 

Most people will know just how difficult this can be – people are frequently too busy working to be able to spend time speculating, investigating and making new choices. And so it is that one of the most influential sources of new ideas comes from those in the community who sometimes make the effort to do things differently. This then becomes you looking over the fence at your neighbour – and copying his/her activities. 

Those of you networking with TECA already have this advantage. Take pigs, for example, and explore the extent of the information available from FAO/TECA; ask a question, instigate a thread or encourage new thinking, and the TECA team will be quick to provide you with some information that may help.

Some of you may already know of the FAO AGS diversification booklets that provide a useful and easy-to-understand introduction to more than 20 small-scale enterprises that can be explored. These can be found at: http://www.fao.org/ag/ags/newsandevents/news/en/c/143672/.

‘Pigs for Prosperity’ can be found at: http://www.fao.org/docrep/015/i2471e/i2471e00.pdf.

Everyone can be a pig farmer

Remember, these are booklets that have been prepared to stimulate and encourage; they are not do-it-yourself booklets, but they will prepare you for the start-up, management and/or marketing of pigs and pig products – in principle. Thus, they will not help you to find a source of breeding stock or piglets to fatten in your part of Uganda. For this you should make contact with the local Agricultural Officer in your regional town, find out about local networks, markets, commercial services and more. Then you can make a reasonable choice about a venture of this kind together with your accountant, credit advisor and/or bank manager to cover the extent of the financial implications involved.

See if you cannot obtain a visit to a local pig producer – to walk around his/her stock pens, talk pig farming and gain some idea of the feasibility of you undertaking a similar venture in your rural community.

If you can undertake this kind of venture in cooperation with others in your community then this reduces the risks, provides a measure of scale that can be exploited, helps provide services and, importantly, helps with exploiting markets. You can always become more independent once you have gained your basic experience and your networks are well-established.

Happy pig farming – oink, oink.

Peter Steele

Agricultural Engineer

Rome, Italy, 07July15 

Thank you for your considerations and additional resources Peter !

And we would like to invite all TECA users and readers to share on the platform their experiences, also related to practices from TECA.  What was your experience with the information provided. Was it useful ? Did it work, yes or no and why?  What did you change to adapt a practice to your local conditions.   We are happy to hear from you !

Dear Jayson,   pls see also the already existing discussion on pigery farming in Uganda : http://teca.fao.org/discussion/pigery-farming-uganda#comments

Let us know how your enterprise is going !

Best wishes,