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Moringa Farming

Dear All

Good day

I am Arthi from India, I am plannng to start Moringa farming in small scale as a pilot project. Need your valuable advise / guidance. 

I have made a study on the same and found two varities viable for commercial production,.

PMK1/2 - Need advise on the same or if  if there is anyother variety. 

Yield/ hectare.

When will the first harvest start. Life cycle of the plant.

Any other detail, technical advise will be of great help.


Thanks in advance




You'll find a wealth of information - that will answer your questions and more - on the internet under 'Moringa, India and similar'. Wikepedia has a good overview, and you may also like to try the US site: <miracletrees.org/growing_moringa.html>, which contains some useful diagrams. Given that moringa originated in India and the country currently dominates production, you'll also find some R&D-sourced information from your country. Start searching. The National Institute of Nutrition is widely mentioned, but that may not help you with the practicalities of crop production and marketing. 

Look forward to following the results of your investigation on TECA.

Kind regards, 

Peter Steele Rome 23May16

Dear Peter

Thanks for the details. I have been going through the same as well. Also looking for information / pracitcal advise from any one who has already done Moringa farming. 

Shall update in the site, on any new information.




Dear Arthi, 

See also the already existing discussion "Growing Moringa: issues and constraints".  Ravindran Chandran from India provides some useful growing information about the varieties PKM 1, PKM 2 and KM 1

All the best,


Dear Charlotte,

Thanks for the info. Have gone through the information in the other discussion as well. 


Thanks for the wishes.