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Master beekeeper training and mentorship in Africa

Hello to eveyone. 

I am the country director for an orgaization called Universal Outreach and we work from Liberia, West Africa. We have been involved in the beekeeping industry for the past 6 years and have spend a lot of time building the knowledge of the local beekeeping extension officers. We are at the point where we would like to send one of our extension officers out of the country to gain more knowlede and possibley to attend a master beekeeping program. 

If anyone on this forum knows of somewhere in Africa that provides a master beekeeper training/mentorship prrogram could you please provide me with the contact details. 

Thank you all for the rich discussions and continued interest in beekeeping. If you are interested in joining our Facebook page then feel free to check us out at, 




Kind Regards

Kent Bubbs Jr. 


Hello Kent,
Will you consider sending the agent to Nigeria? Beside, the agent ll meet a beekeeper who have trained some beekeepers in Liberia through the sponsorship of Bees Abroad.
Thank you.

Am sorry, I could not see the button to click to be able to reply Kent directly.

Thank you for the contact Babatunde Oreyemi. We know Idris well as he has come here two times to do training for our trainers. We would consider Nigeria but would also like to learn from someone new. We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us move forward. 

Kind Regards

Kent Bubbs Jr.