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Master beekeeper training and mentorship in Africa

Hello to eveyone. 

I am the country director for an orgaization called Universal Outreach and we work from Liberia, West Africa. We have been involved in the beekeeping industry for the past 6 years and have spend a lot of time building the knowledge of the local beekeeping extension officers. We are at the point where we would like to send one of our extension officers out of the country to gain more knowlede and possibley to attend a master beekeeping program. 

If anyone on this forum knows of somewhere in Africa that provides a master beekeeper training/mentorship prrogram could you please provide me with the contact details. 

Thank you all for the rich discussions and continued interest in beekeeping. If you are interested in joining our Facebook page then feel free to check us out at, 




Kind Regards

Kent Bubbs Jr. 


Hello Kent,
Will you consider sending the agent to Nigeria? Beside, the agent ll meet a beekeeper who have trained some beekeepers in Liberia through the sponsorship of Bees Abroad.
Thank you.

Am sorry, I could not see the button to click to be able to reply Kent directly.

Thank you for the contact Babatunde Oreyemi. We know Idris well as he has come here two times to do training for our trainers. We would consider Nigeria but would also like to learn from someone new. We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us move forward. 

Kind Regards

Kent Bubbs Jr. 

Hello Kent Bubbs,

I am happy to participate in your request, please contact Bees Abroad,  SNV and Bees for Development, they may give you a lead way and why not a scholarship:




Hi Joseph

Thanks for this, we have worked with Bees Abroad in the past with great success and thank you for the Bees for Development idea, I will look into that. 


Kind Regards

Kent Bubbs

Hello Kent,

I live in Ghana & from the U.S. & wanted to learn about AFRICAN BEES!!Especially living & keeping bees here in Ghana. I had found this NGO called EXTRA MILE look up their WEB SITE. They have a TRAINNING Class or FOUR (4) Classes ONCE (1) per year as the SEASON goes. The Second Class is on the 9th December & 10th December, & goes thru April. I waited for a WHOLE YEAR for this COURSE!! The INSTRUCTOR used to be a COMMERCIAL BEE KEEPER in AUSTRIALIA with like 600 colonies. He is a MISSONARY & teaches bees to EDUCATE the people, but he has approx 15 years here in WEST AFRICA to include Ghana. The Chief that supports him & the NKAWANTA BEE KEEPER ASSOICATION along the TOGO GHANA BOARDER!! process MOST of the HONEY & BY PRODUCTS for Ghana & TOGO. I had traveled TWO (2) full days by bus to go to the FIRST CLASS last month. It was sO GOOD, I WOULD NOT MISS the SECOND (2nd) Course!!!  I also belong BEES ABOARD, But after talking & LEARNING FROM HIM, I would not RECOMMEND anyone but HIM & this course here in WEST AFRICA!! AS you know if you USE the LANGSTROTH or the KENYA TOP BAR HIVES!! The LANGSTROTH in the U.S. & Europe use the STANDARD BOX with the TEN (1) FRAMES!! Because the bees are smaller here in Africa They have CHANGED the size of the FRAMES to FIFTEEN (15) FRAMES in the same size SUPER But LEARNING & SEEING the difference was & IS WORTH the TRAVEL!!


Please CHECK OUT EXTRA MILE WEST AFRICA & the Web Site is EXTRAMILE-NGO.COM The Email Address is contact@extramile-ngo.com or extramilewestafrica@gmail.com & the phone # 233-245441042 I hope to see you on the 9th December, 2017 Class starts at 8,30 A.M.



Hi Eric

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Thank you very much for the comments and recommendations. 


Kind Regards


African bee keepers Ltd offers training on modern bee keeping and honey processing and consultancy services

Hi Ernest


Thank you for the comments. 




HI Earnest

What country is this in? Do you have any contct details for them? Do they have a web site? 




You may contact Principal Tabora Beekeeping Training Institute in Tanzania

The college offer  short courses and long courses in beekeeping. Certificate and Diploma in Beekeeping for two years and also offer short course for two to one month duration.

The contact  by email is info@bti.ac.tz

The name of the Principal: Mr. Daudi Semu, mobile phone: +255754569945.


Thank you

Stephen Msemo

Section Manager Bee Reserves and Apiaries

Tanzania Forest Services Agency

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania