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Maize production

Hello Friends,

Our friend and colleague Ssekatawa Isaac wants some advice and/or experience on maize production and he sent the text below (in quote) . We would be happy to read your advice and experiences.
"Thanks greatly for the vitals ideas concerning different fields and aspects of farming. I am personally venturing into maize growing but still a little confused with the different hybrids to take on in uganda. I have read about Pannar maize, Longe 6H, Longe 7H, Longe 8H and many others.
Please help to highlight the best quality and others"
Mustapha on behalf of Isaac


Arule of the thumb is that right seed for the right placeand  the more you feed the more you get.

Get the agriculture officer to help you check the type of maize seed suitable for your area.

prepare the ground well before the rains come.

if you are in adry area plant just before the rains appear.in rainy areas plant just after the rains start.

note that two weeks delay will cost you as much as 30% decrease in output.

at planting use farm yard manure at arate of 1kilogramme cooking tin per hole, plus an artificial fertilizer usually DAP (100kg per acre)or some special panting blend fertlizer as advised by your agricultural officer. once the maize is knee high,top dress with CAN or aspecial top dress blend for your area.nate

the spacing in areas with good rainfall can be 75by 25cm one or two   seeds on altenate holes to one per hole.

alternatively spacing of90by 60 cm two plants per holecan be used.

in dry areasallow formore spacing.

maize is a good foddercrop .

for good production keep thefarm weeds free.

green maize for roasting or cooking in urban  centres fetch better returns than dry maize.

maize farming is onlyprofitable in largescale......from at least ten Ha.

intercropping with beans will increase the returns while adding nitrogen to the ground.




Thanks for your contribution Nyakamba and the useful insights you provided! I agree with the advice to contact an extensionist who might know better the best maize type to choose according to the conditions in your area. Nevertheless thanks for starting this topic on maize planting as it is a very essential crop! How come you decided to grow maize, what did you grow in the past? This aspect is again related to the question of intercropping as noted by Nyakamba. Welcome to share your thoughts and experiences here on TECA!

The document attached from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) can be a useful guide for Maize production and processing.




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