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How can I get scholarship

Mohammed Almadani's picture

I am from Yemen (Developing country), I work as a researcher ,I start to study our honeybee race Apis mellifera jemenitica (local race), I have Master degree and I wish to study PhD with this race to help beekeepers.

I wish you help me to achieve my wiling.

Please help me or guide me to get scholarship.


Mohammed Almadnai

Honeybee Research Unit

Agricultural Research & Extension Authority

Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation

Republic of Yemen



Hi I wish i can help in any way but keep the spirit burning.Iam also looking for any basic training in beekeeping.I am from the eastern part OF RURAL Zambia and i am the only one who has done some education in our group of beekkeepers.If i do this kind of trainig it  will benefit a lot the sorounding communities.We alo wish to do tree planting because a lot of trees were cut dun for charcoal.Sensitisations have already started.

Hi William,

We appriciate the infomation you have shared with us.You have only indicated where to inquire for phd.I have had the passion for bees since childhood and wish to advance.Where can begginers start .Please help if you have any information.Education is the only empowerment you can give to developing nation.