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Honeybees working with our Electrical Mother Earth

Click here http://beehealingguild.org/waggle-dancing-blog/ to learn how honeybees work with the geomagnetic lines of the earth and other electrical pieces of information.

I also wish you to know that with a heavy heart I have decided not to teach Apitherapy in 2018. It was dividing my time with my passion for teaching Bee Perspective Beekeeping. And I no longer be working with Friends for the same reason. I am good at Apitherapy, but I was spending great deal of time on each individual. Other organizations are now teaching the basics with hands-on practicums. This was not the case when I attended my first Apitherapy conference and was the reason I started teaching with the beginners in mind. The bottom line is this: If we don’t take care of our bees, there will be no Apitherapy.

I will still be available for Q&A. I plan to edit my Apitherapy book to expand the Bee Venom section with the hormone information I put together this year. I will announce when that will be available.

I wish to thank those who support the BEe Healing Guild and its mission. Next year we plan to put into a place a scholarship program for 2-3 beginning beekeepers. We will announce more as we progress on this project.


BEe loved



The above newsletter was posted a while back. The site had been hacked and was, thankfully, shut down. The issue has been resolved and security put in place on the BEe Healing Guild website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone

I have again post the Our Electrick Mother blog

Thank you for your patience.

BEe loved

Lady Spirit Moon


Approx 10 years ago I tried to offload some 25 year old wax combs which I had purposely left in one of my hives to see if it made any difference to the size of the bees or if they appeared to suffer as a result of not replacing them every few years. I never saw any difference and the other hives, which had rotated wax in them did no better either. My reason for this email is to offer this comb to anyone who wants to test it for any residues or "anything" else.

I emailed just about every university that I could find at the time and only one person wanted a sample to test. Some guy called Falco? no idea where he was or is now. I was disappointed at the time because after 6 months I still hadn't heard from him after he'd told me he'd let me know how the tests went.

 Anyway, if nobody wants the 3 frames worth now ( 35 years old now) then I will bin it. Any takers?

 Steve Ganner


I had a few hives on the property of a farmer who hadn't touched his bees in 7 years. There was a significant difference in the size of his bees, less than 4.7mm. The cell walls were much thicker than those in my hives.

I am not a scientist but I wouldn't be able to document the age of the comb since I wasn't the one who harvested the comb. And the only reason I would research it is to see how much and how many chemicals were in the wax. I would be curous of how much and how many chemicals were used during that time period. It is my gut feeling that it isn't so much difference in the size of the comb cells as how much chemicals the wax is holding. Over time the old wax will kill anything due to wax continually collecting and hold onto the chemicals. Old moldy wax over 5 years old will contribute to American Foulbrood..

You had a nice gesture, though.

BEe loved


I had the opertunity to vist this this years Apimondia and it was a life time experiance especialy meeting so many bee keepers from all over the word exchanging ideas,

i also had an opertuinty to have coffee with Charlotte and had some good discussions. it was a fantastic congress Well done Turkey

I would like to know if there is any one who has any experiance in dealing wasps and how to control them especially in Africqa

iam Michel Loua from Guinea i have 30 hives that are new, just looking for someone with experience to help me out . and  Where to get a beekeper materiels.