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Curiculum Development

Hello to Everyone

We are a group of beekeepers in Liberia, West Africa who are looking to develop a training program for people to become certified beekeeper instructors. Is there anyone who can help us with suggestions on where we may be able to find a curriculum and instructor who can train on the Kenya Top bar hives? This will be a higher level than just beginners, everyone who participates will have a high level of competency and have been beekeeping for a decent amount of time.

A second question I have is, has anyone introduced the idea of a queen excluder to the Kenya Top bar hive? If you have what size of mesh do you use for the African bee?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Kent Bubbs




I can either put you in touch with well qualified West African Beekeeping Trainers or perhaps develop something myself. Contact me 'beesdurk@yahoo.co.uk

Some people have used Queen excluders in KTB's but quite honestly they are not necessary. If you have the entrance at one end then the honey is normally at the other end.

Brian Durk (Bees Abroad UK)



I could also help, would love to come over too.

Diana Sammataro

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