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Call for potential collaborations

Seeing how fieldwork is progressing well across the reference regions, we -The James Hutton Institute- have been thinking about emerging themes that could potentially prove to be a basis for the development of collaborations among the partners.

The most common issue that has surfaced during our work in Scotland revolves around the impact of predators on livestock and trade-offs between conservation priorities and agricultural food production. We have also observed a range of issues regarding the effect of different types of land tenure on production.

It would be interesting to see if other partners have also identified similar patterns and think about working together on such side topics.


Just to add a little illustration of what we’re discussing:

Re. Question 32: Could you potentially produce more food in your farm? If yes, what is constraining you from doing it?

When we ask farmers this question we are often told about trade-offs in terms of other environmental goals:

Wildlife and habitat conservation – some agricultural produce is lost to predators, for example livestock is lost to eagles http://bit.ly/2vpC9AX wild deer trample crops and areas of potentially productive agricultural land are set aside as natural habitats or rewilded. Many farmers are being incentivized to conserve particular species through payments and penalties. Others may simply choose a conservation value over maximising production. In addition afforestation and reforestation schemes to combat climate change may use farmland that could otherwise produce food.

We are wondering if other teams are also finding interesting ‘conservation’ trade-offs and want to share publication ideas?