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Beekeeper information requested

I am Michel Loua from Guinea,  I have 30 hives that are new, just looking for someone with experience to help me out  and where to get a beekeeper materials.  


Good morning Michel you are welcome to the forum please could you specify the areas you are finding difficulties and the type of materials you need.

First of all your stock of 30 hives as a new beekeeker is too much, i would advise you to begin with 10 hives and grow progressively.

I coordinate a beekeeping project with youth rural entrepreneurs schools in Cameroon.

Thanks and waiting to hear from you.


hello Dear Dinga JOSEPH

Thank you for your advise,  but I am actualy working with 1 boy that is my asistence and the work is not that much for me.

I just need someone that i can share experience with ; and I need a smoker ,clothing jacket .


Dear Michel,

Protective gear can be made locally by a seamstress or you can even make it yourself with flower bags.  Here you can see how: http://teca.fao.org/technology/beekeeping-how-make-protective-gear.  The following technology is in French but the pictures are pretty explicative: http://teca.fao.org/read/8749.

Also the smoker can be made locally. We have various explanations available on TECA showing step by step how to make a smoker. Not all information is in English but a skilled blacksmith or welder would probably be able to follow the instructions in the pictures:

http://teca.fao.org/node/8295 (in Spanish, a translation in English should be available shortly on TECA)

http://teca.fao.org/node/8871 and http://teca.fao.org/node/8727  (in French)

This basic beekeeping manual can also be helpful: http://teca.fao.org/sites/default/files/resources/Basic%20Beekeeping%20Manual.pdf


Good luck,



thank you very much my dear, the informaion was very helpful  specialy for the smoker but talking about the protective gear i ll realy like to ket a better one can someon help me . its because i work with a boy who dont have much experience in beekeeping and knowing that bee can be sometime very dangeriose so i need something more better for the momente: 

Dear Michel, 

Here you can find detailed information on how to make a smoker: http://teca.fao.org/technology/how-construct-smoker-beekeeping

This is the translation of the document in Spanish I referred to in my earlier post (http://teca.fao.org/node/8295). 

Best wishes,


Tengo unos nucleos con reinas  para fecundar, pero  las reinas se pierden y las abejas se vuelven zanganeras y no aceptan  otras celdas....., qué hacer..? solicito consejos..


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Hi Michel,

Please do you mean 30 empty bee hives or 30 honeybee colonies?.

If 30 empty bee hives, I can help in stocking them without waiting for a swarm. If 30 honey bee colonies, it is too much for you to manage as a beginer. My advise is that you need to work with an experienced beekeeper, after that you hire an attendant to work with you. You may not be ok in reducing the number of hives because you are thinking big.

I have over 15 years field experience working with african honeybees, a master beekeeper(Australia) with specialty in queen bee rearing for colony multiplication. I am managing over 100 honeybee colonies in different Apiary locations.(you can see our field work photos on galary: www.africanbeesexpert.com)

Therefore, with my experince I can help you out.



Hello Christian 

I actualy have 30 honeybee colonies located in tree diferente places and  370 empty hives . I am not  really a beginner, I was doing it in the monastery not anymore a monk i just want to continue doing it. But I will be verry glade if you can  share your experience with Thank you.

Hola Buen día, me llamo Loreto de Chile,agradecer por la página web el sitio me ha servido mucho, soy  nueva en el rubro apicola y mi consulta es sobre el manejo doble  camara de cria..como se realiza?

gracias !!


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(Translation of Loreto's question: Hello, my name is Loreto from Chile, thanks for this website, I found it very useful. I am new in the sector and would like to know how to manage a hive with a 2 brood boxes.)