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Hello API Friends,

I am Apitherapist in Lisbon, Portugal.

I have an office where I receive people to treat with Apitherapy since 2003.  Apitherapy means that I use honey bee products to help people to recover from their health problems.

So here we can discuss about Apitherapy.

What problems Apitherapy can help, the properties of all honey bee products and how to use them.

I am here at your disposal for questions.

All the best.

Antonio Couto


Hello API friends,

I would like to tell you what products we can use in Appitherapy.

  1. Honey
  2. Honey dew
  3. Pollen
  4. Propolis
  5. Royal jelly
  6. Wax
  7. Bee venom (apitoxin)
  8. Drone larvae
  9. Worker larvae
  10. Queen larvae
  11. Bee bread
  12. Wax moth larvae
  13. Hive air
  14. Dead bees

This products (combined or alone) can treat many different problems/diseases.

Until the next Bbbbbbzzzz


Okay, boyfriend, how and why would one use Wax Moth Larvae in apitherapy? Never heard this one before. Thank you for all you do. BEe loved,

Dear Lady,

Thanks for your question about Wax moth larvae.

I would like to finish this first subject about honey and continue the order of the bee products...

Anyway because you ask about wax moth I will return to your question immediately after we finish with honey subject.

Do you agree dear Lady?

All the best to you.


I agree.


BEe loved,

Hi API Friends,

I would like to make a question to all of you:

  • How can we use honey?

For the best and most complete answer I will send one song from Bee Bee King to her/his private email address.


I am waiting.......



Hello Antonio,

Thanks for starting this discussion. I am eager to learn from you how I can use all the products of the beehive !

Here is how I use honey:   

I start my day with 1 spoon of honey for an energy boost and then at breakfast I put 1 or 2 spoons of honey in my porridge to sweeten it . When I feel hungry during the morning, I eat another spoon of honey to still my hunger until it's time for lunch.   When after lunch or in the afternoon, I feel a craving for something sweet or I feel like having a nap, I eat one more spoon of honey, it helps me to concentrate again on what I am doing.  Sometimes in the evening, before going to bed, I eat a spoon of honey to sleep better.

I also try to replace as much as possible sugar with honey in tea and cakes because I know that honey is so much better. Honey is not processed like sugar and contains vitamins, mineral and other elements that are essential for our body. 

When I have a sore throat, I take honey and lemon mixed with water. Although I have never tried it, I know that honey can be used to dress wounds and for some eye problems, and that it can also be used for intestinal problems.

Curious to hear from others how they use honey ! 

Hope I won a Bee Bee K song ! ;-)





Thank you for your answer dear Charlotte,

Before I comment your answer I would like to receive more answers.

Thus will not influence their answers.  :-)

Best regards


Dear API Friends,

It is a great honor and pleasure to announce that Dr. Theodore Cherbuliez, President of the Apitherapy Commision of Apimondia, will join me in the moderation of this discussion on Apitherapy !

Dr. Cherbuliez is a world expert in Apitherapy.  You will find his Curriculum Vitae attached below.

Welcome Dr. Cherbuliez !






Attached files: 

Dear friends,

Apologies for the silence and for not having posted any new information on the many uses of honey as food and as a medicine. I am abroad and do not have regular access to internet.  But together with Mr Cherbuliez, we are preparing some very interesting posts for this discussion.  I promise to re-animate this discussion with lots of interesting information and questions for you as soon as I return back to Portugal at the end of October.

Many bee greetings,



Hi dear API friends,

As I promised, here I am again.

Soon I will post the information about our first bee product: Honey.

Also I want to ask to all of you to not BEE shy and ask me questions about Apitherapy.

I want to remind you that Dr. Théodore Cherbuliez will be here with me to answer all your questions.

Bbbbzzzz regards,