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Apiculture in America Latina/South America

Good afternoon,

I'm a young Italian guy who is enthusiastic about the beekeeping world. I'm looking for organic beekepers or international projects related to apiculture in Latin America. I'm currently learning in Italy and I would like to take advantage of the next "good season" on the Southern Emisphere to keep going and gain experience in an international scenario. I'm not looking for a payed job, just volunteer and offer my work in exchange of food & accommodation, if possible.

Does someone have any contact in his network?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

with regards,

Francesco Molan


Hello Francesco, 

I suggest you also post your request on the "Grupo de intercambio TECA sobre apicultura", the Spanish version of this Exchange Group which covers Central and Latin America and Spain.  Just click on "Exchange groups" in the navigation tree, and then choose "español" at the top of the page.

All the best,


Hello Charlotte,

many thanks for your suggestion, I've just posted it (http://teca.fao.org/es/discussion/apicultura-america-latina).

Do you personally know any other groups where I can post my request (eng/spa)?

Kind regards,


Dear Francesco,

A friend (Italian) worked with a beekeeping cooperative in Mexico (Chiapas) for a few months (he did a study on the role of cooperatives in the food security of beekeeper families). You can contact Claudio for more details (click on Claudio's name, a contact form will appear).

The Spanish Beekeeping Exchange Group is moderated by FILAPI who represents beekeeping associations in 10 countries in Central and Latin America, I am sure you will get some positive reactions to your post there.

You may also check the Bees for Development website (http://www.beesfordevelopment.org/) and Maya Miel (http://www.maya.be/es/pages/projets-developpement-durable.aspx) an NGO that works with beekeepers in Mexico and Guatemala (fair trade).

All the best,


Dear Charlotte, thanks a million!! You're great! I let you know how it goes!