TECA is a platform where you can find practical information – technologies and practices – to help small agricultural producers in the field. In addition, you can interact with people with similar interests, discuss challenges small producers face and jointly develop sustainable solutions through the TECA online forums – or Exchange Groups.

Technologies & Practices

Find technologies and practices in crop production, forestry, livestock, fisheries, marketing and much more! Some of them can also help to adapt to climate change. TECA technologies are:

  • Tested and/or adopted by small producers
  • Easy to replicate
  • Expected to increase production in a sustainable way

Learn more about TECA technologies and how you can become a partner and benefit from TECA.

Exchange Groups

TECA Exchange Groups are online forums where you can:

  • Ask questions and connect with experts, practitioners and producers
  • Share your experiences in the field
  • Learn how to implement technologies and practices

Learn more about TECA Exchange Groups